Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three Random Sick (in the surfing way) Publicly Funded Places in Dare County

These are three of my favorite things about Dare County, and they all happen to be publicly funded!  (And they are all within eyeshot of where the Wright Brothers took flight in 1903--and within view of the memorial that stands as testament to their achievement in flight.)

Number One:  Dare County Parks and Recreation:  Small town living OBX style means affordable
after-school and recreation for Dare County residents.  Locals can experience everything from soccer, tea party manners' socials, cheering camp, archery, tennis, football, baseball skills, surfing, arts and crafts, golf, volleyball, French, gymnastics, Modern Art, Mosaics, Etiquette, Toddler Camp (How to be a toddler), fishing, and more! 

Last summer, my son and I took archery together.  I was the oldest participant, the only participant above the age of 16 (other than the instructor), and it was a blast.  I had never taken archery before.  Earlier this year, I took tennis lessons.  I had never played tennis!  Parks and Recreation is phenomenal!  

Number Two:  Conveniently located on the same street, Dare County Water and Desalination Department.  On a thin peninsula, Dare County desalinates (takes the salt out of the brackish water), making the cost of drinking water affordable to its residents.  More importantly, unlike many public utilities' departments, I've never had to wait in line!  Water is billed quarterly, every three months!  They have cute little collapsible cups for free!  There are two nice ladies who work there!

Number Three: Smack dab between the Water Department and Parks and Recreation is the Dare County Public Library.  I love this place.  I met one of my OBX friends there last summer.  I always
see people I know there.  And, this is going to blow your mind: Last month, I thought that I had returned a book, and I told the librarians.  They made a note in the computer.  Yesterday, I found it.  When I returned it today, I said, "How much do I owe?"  It was my mistake...  "Nothing," she said (because I thought I'd returned it).  Huh?  Where does this kind of thing happen?  Who doesn't want to take your money?  How nice is that?  Children can also opt to read their library fines away!

At the thrift store where I volunteer, there is a framed portrait of
Andy Griffith behind the register.  He spent the better part of his years right here.  When he died this past year, I was brought to tears by the local radio station's tribute to him.  In so many ways, this is Mayberry.