Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Treefrogs Are Back

photo by JD Wilson
I wish that I had a better, more scientific understanding of nature, but my understanding is more artistic and intuitive than knowledgeable.  

That said, last year, our first summer on the sound, we had hundreds of tree frogs with their cute sticky legs and pulsing translucent chests, arranged like stickers on our glass doors.  This year, not so many until just recently.  The odd thing is that the frogs aren't lime green this year, not most of them.  They are more eggplant and brown, and there are definitely fewer of them.

I was on my way to work today and three had hitched a ride on my car.  Not wanting to strand them off the 158 Bypass, I stopped in a greener area and unloaded my little hitchhikers.  I wish that I knew more about these "suckers".  They are one of my favorite things about summer on the sound.

If you know anything, please share.  My fear is that they've changed color because of pesticides.  I also fear that pesticides are why there are fewer of them.

The photograph is from the Green Treefrog Website: