Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Travelogue Edition: Journey to Eleuthera

Day One: Day one (Wednesday, 15 Feb., 2017):

After we got through customs, we met Mr. Pinder, from whom we rented a great car, a Mazda SUV with Kilometers, not Miles per hour, so while I was driving on the left side of the road, I thought I was a speed-demon, doing 60 mph, when in fact, it would 60 kilometers per hour, more like 40 mph.

It was funny.

There is one main highway, the Queen’s highway, that runs the length of the island. As we were driving south, we were met by the most beautiful water, a turquoise color on our right, a deeper blue to our left, the glass window bridge, the narrow manmade bridge that replaced a natural rock formation after a hurricane took it out. Here, the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, and as my son Christopher said, “It’s like oil and water.” The waters touch, but they keep their color. We changed clothes on the side of the road, dropping our jeans for shorts and sandals.

As we drove through James Cistern, we saw two young Bahamian girls in Catholic-school uniforms, their hair in braids, holding hands, and skipping down the narrow road which is laden with unmarked speed bumps. I think eleven.

Just a few miles north of Governor’s Harbour’s airport, we spotted Captain Kirby’s bar, restaurant, and jet-ski rental. A very eclectic, cool place with its flag poles made from sticks and fishing poles. Bahamian, British, U. S., and Cubs flags flying. We had drinks at the bar, a Bahamian Sands beer for Danny, fresh pineapple juice for Chrissy, and I had vodka and cranberry. (I am allergic to pineapple, but I had a sip.) When I told Captain Kirby that Christopher didn’t like fish or conch, but that he liked rice and beans, he said, “I have a batch of pumpkin rice I just made.” It was SO good, and of course they had the universal language of French fries.

After Captain Kirby’s, we made our way to Governor’s Harbour, a crystal blue harbor. We drove uphill to our rental house.

Later at dusk, we walked in search of Bacchus Fine Foods, but they were out of the wine I like. They were also out of bread. Friday is the day that supplies come to the island. They bake bread at Island Farm on Tuesdays and Fridays so we’re going there tomorrow. Then, we went in search of a liquor store, but it closed, just missed it. We found a little market, no booze, but got milk and some rolls and Cadbury chocolate (love that stuff), and then we went to the Buccaneer restaurant and bar for drinks. The town at sunset is magnificent. Our bartender was Chrystal with a Ch. She’s lived here her whole life. Then, we met Patricia, who’s older. Children weren’t in her cards. We had some good stiff drinks before walking home to have dinner with Chrissy. 

A great day!

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